lee holden qi gong flow for beginners

Lee Holden Qi gong Flow For Beginners

Lee HoldenThis Lee Holden Qi gong flow for beginners routine is perfect for people who suffer from insomnia or are generally prone to stress and overwhelm. It is also a great routine for those moments in your day when you want to transition from one activity to another. For example, when you get home from work and you want to shift gears and get the ‘work energy’ out of your system and embrace a more ‘home like’ energy so you can fully relax and be present to those around you.

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Spinal Cord Breathing

This exercise is really great for dropping back down into your body and getting out of your head. It balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system which enables a deep relaxation response. It opens the heart centre as well as the chest and lungs for more efficient breathing. It also brings more flexibility to the spine.

Key points:

Keep your knees slightly bent throughout the exercise and tuck your tail bone under when you bring your arms in front of your face.

Water Waves

This exercise helps to bring energy out of your head and into your body. It releases your busy mind and helps you to be in the present moment more. The spinal twist also brings more flexibility to the spine allowing for better communication through the nerves to the internal organs.

Key points:

Feel the air glide through your fingers and relax your shoulders and arms as much as possible. Turn from your hips and waist.

Spreading The Feathers

This exercise stretches the lines of tension from the neck and shoulders all the way into the arms and hands. Really good for tendonitis, carpal tunnel and headaches. We hold most of our tension in the neck and shoulders so it is important to release these lines of tension so we can think more clearly, and have a clear energy flow from the hands and arms into the shoulders, neck and brain.

Key points:

Don’t force the stretch. The more you can be conscious of the tendons and ligaments and muscles the better the stretch you will get. Remember to breath deeply to release the muscles more. Pause at the end to sense the enhanced flow of energy down the arms.


This is an excellent exercise to release excess muscle tension all over the body. Use with the heart sound of ‘Haaaaa’ on the exhale to release excess emotional tension. Touching the palms over head connects the heart meridians together which helps to further release emotional tension.

Key points:

Completely relax your neck, hips and wrists as these are points in the body which act like an energetic pump and can hold a lot of built up tension. Deep breathing is key to this exercise.

Qi massageQi massage

Clears tension from the neck and shoulders, as well as in the throat area, heart centre and helps to circulate energy in the kidneys, and flow energy down the leg meridians and bring back a reserve of energy to the lower abdomen (lower dantian).

Key Points:

The Kidney area is also where the adrenal glands are and when we get stressed the adrenals get over taxed. Massaging the kidneys to warm them circulates the energy to these important organs for over all adrenal health and hormonal balance.

Bear Swimming

Tonifies and strengthens the lungs. The lungs are key to feeling inspired about our life as well as having a strong connection to the immune system. In Qigong the lungs are the first point where qi (energy) enters into the body, so good lung function is key to over all vitality. The quality of our breathing gives us an indication of our over all emotional health.


Now that the energy is circulating in the body after the previous exercises, ‘Flying’ is a good way to circulate it more and bring a feeling of lightness and levity into our mind and body.

Puling Down The HeavensPulling Down The Heavens

Helps to ground our energy and connect to the earth. It brings waves of relaxing energy from the head all the way to the feet. Really good to prepare for sleep and get out of the head and back into the body to be present.

Bamboo in the Wind

This exercise cultivates the awareness of the new flowing energy in your body and therefore bringing you into the present moment which activates the parasympathetic nervous system fully enabling deep relaxation in the mind and body. Cultivating present moment awareness brings us into a healing space where our mind is not busy with the past or future. The present is where our true power resides.




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      Yes as well as energy and relaxation!

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    I think these exercises are what we need in this stressful world. I practice some while watching your video, I feel good when doing it. Currently, I am practicing an exercise too which just swing my both hands upward and backward.

    Anyway, do we need to do all the exercises or we can choose some to do? Should we do it daily?

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      Hey Chuck, that exercise you mentioned where you just swing both hands upward and backward is a Qigong exercise for the kidneys and adrenals. It is a really good warm up too.

      For best results I would do all the exercises as they form a sequence. But, you can definitely choose ones you like or feel you need the most and do them and still gain benefits. As with any kind of exercise, daily is best, but 4 times a week would be ok too.

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    thanks for writing a great article. I’ve been looking to start practicing Qigong, but haven’t really found a good place to start. I suffer from insomnia, so I’ve been looking for natural solutions to helping my problem without having to resort to pharmaceuticals if I don’t have to. This is a great place for me to start, so thank-you!

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      Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to ask me any questions after you have given the routine a go!

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    I am glad I found this website. I work at the computer all day, everyday and so finding a lovely simple activity to do such as Qi massage or spreading the Feathers is great for me. Do you have any “mini-activities” that you an do at your desk? This will help me a lot. Thank you.

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      Yes there are many mini Qigong practices you can do at your desk. You could actually do spreading the feathers to relieve neck and shoulder tension, as well as trying the Qigong Wave Breath and holding the neuro-vascular points on your head (grab that exercise by clicking on the ‘Stress Relief Here’ green tab). Really good for clear thinking!

      I used to spend 8 hours a day on my computer or more, but I have just found that I can no longer do it as it was really affecting my health and happiness and ability to stay present to those around me. Qigong is awesome for getting back into my body.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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