Modern Master


Discover How To Break Free From Traumas & Emotional Wounds That Stop You From Living A Full Life.

Join 30,000+ Masterclass students in a full meditation session designed to clear away hidden emotional baggage and past trauma in less than 60 minutes

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In this powerful online class you will:

  • Experience Deborah King’s revolutionary Saint Germain And The Temple Of The Violet Flame meditation experience to clear all your unnecessary emotional baggage and instantly experience higher vibrations of love and peace.
  • Discover how traumas and emotional wounds… even the tiniest negative experiences that you had forgotten about… are robbing you of the happy, fulfilling future you’re meant to have. (You won’t believe how much power these invisible forces are taking from you)
  • Uncover the reason why the traditional ways to cope with traumas are not only bad but they’re dangerous. If you suffer from any kind of anxiety issues, listethis Masterclass may put an end to it.
  • Afraid of your past? Discover ways to clear bad memories without reliving it or telling anyone about it. (This is the miracle road to peace that your soul was longing for, for years.)
  • Learn why clearing your traumas and emotional wounds is the first step to discovering the gifts you’re meant to have in this life. (It’s like one of those tiny levers that swing open giant doors.)
  • And so much more…

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