Qigong Five Elements

Qigong Five Elements

Qigong is a wellness practice that originated in China. It is thousands of years old, and linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yet, its wisdom has somehow been lost to people in the west. This is such as shame as there are secrets within the practice of Qigong that have the potential to heal many of peoples ailments and psychological suffering. The Qigong Five Elements are part of the practice and it helps to bring about healing and wellbeing to five of the dominant organs of the body and the flow of energy between them. This impacts over all health and psychological wellbeing.

What are the Five Elements according to Chinese medicine?

Qigong Five ElementsThe five elements in the chinese traditions that are fundamental to health and wellbeing and everything that exists in the universe are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.
Wood relates to the Liver, Fire relates to the heart, Earth relates to the Stomach and Spleen, Metal relates to the Lungs and Water relates to the Kidneys. Each of these elements has its own unique energetic frequency and we can tap into that frequency with the use of sound.

The Triple Warmer.

There is also a sixth aspect that Chinese medicine focuses on and this is the energy meridian system of the Triple Warmer. The Triple Warmer is a flow in the body that is basically responsible for keeping us out of danger. It activates to keep us safe in that it is linked to our fight or flight response in the case of a threat, and also is linked to the way our immune system activates to fend off harmful bacteria which can result in illness. It also links all the other systems of the body together.

Using sound to heal.

All ancient traditions use sound in some way or another. There is not one belief system on the planet that does not have its links to sounds or chanting, and the practice of Qigong is no different in that respect. On a fundamental level we know that sound shifts our emotions, and it is our emotions that indicate to us where we are in relation to our energy level. Our emotions have a physiological and biochemical effect, and therefore one of the direct routes for healing and wellbeing can be accessed via changing our emotions on a deep level. This can be done with movement and sound. Qigong embraces both.

Keep an open mind and be willing to try something new.

Qigong can seem mystical to the lay person and therefore its potential for healing and for a positive change in health could very easily be dismissed. Keep in mind that there are many medical studies on the benefits of Qigong now, so if you find that your western way of thinking is getting in the way, remember that western medicine is now beginning to pay attention to Qigong. With an open mind and a willingness to try, you can quickly have a positive experience of what an enhanced energy flow around your body and mind feels like and the added wellbeing that follows.

6 basic healing sounds to try.

Liver : Shuu. 
Heart: Haaa
Spleen/Stomach: Whooo
Lungs: Seeee
Kidneys: Fuu
Triple Warmer: Heeeee (not produced from vocal cords, but more like a whisper)
Try each sound at least three times while relaxing with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath and sing with a single tone and feel where the vibration is within your body. Focus on where these organs are with each sound and feel how the sounds are more focused around these specific organs. The most obvious sensation is the sound for the heart, as it really brings a certain resonance to the chest cavity. But with practice, all of the sounds will be felt with the corresponding organs.

The benefits of practicing the healing sounds.

Each time you sing these sounds, you clear stagnant energy from these organs. The reason for this is because you are bring a vibration to each of the organs and surrounding tissues and this causes movement at a micro level. Movement in any part of the body helps fluids to flow and oxygen to distribute better therefore allowing for an enhanced energy in the body.
What do you think? Did you try the exercise? Were you able to feel where the sound was vibrating in your body? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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